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How we help Echo Charlie produce global VR events.

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The Company: Echo Charlie is a collective of designers, developers, and producers that creates unique events for the tech and automotive industries.

The Challenge: Echo Charlie’s clients seek its help to deliver innovative presentations and events. Interested in pursuing new technological frontiers, Echo Charlie began to explore the possibility of virtual reality experiences. For remote events, however, Echo Charlie’s high standard for event production prevented VR deployments, since there were sure to be hiccups for the company’s nontechnical clients.

The Solution: ManageXR simplifies the use and management of Echo Charlie’s VR headsets, enabling the production of high-quality VR events.

Toyota Research Institute’s VR Open House

ManageXR has empowered Echo Charlie to pursue remote VR deployments with confidence. Using ManageXR’s Device Setup ToolKiosk Mode, and Custom Home Screen to control users’ VR environment, Echo Charlie produced a successful offline event for the Toyota Research Institute. The event involved sending 40 headsets to journalists around the world for a multimedia “open house” experience. Soon after, Echo Charlie relied on ManageXR’s Device Tracking capabilities to provide the remote tech support needed for a deployment of dozens of devices to Lexus offices around the country.

“Before ManageXR,” said Erick Carlson, Echo Charlie’s CEO and founder, “the scariest part was packing up hardware and shipping it to people who have a hard time embracing new technology. Back in our Detroit-based offices, we had to just say a prayer and hope it worked.”

I knew that I could fix any issue that came up…

ManageXR facilitates the seamless VR events expected by Echo Charlie’s clients. “Once we employed ManageXR,” Carlson said, “I had the confidence for remote VR projects, because I knew that I could fix any issue that came up without frustrating the end user. And the end user’s experience is the most important thing for us.”

In addition to customer satisfaction, ManageXR saves time for the Echo Charlie team. Without ManageXR’s remote management tools, Echo Charlie would have to devote days to develop troubleshooting guides for additional client support.

The future with ManageXR: Echo Charlie pursues the cutting edge of experiential event production.

Looking towards the future, ManageXR has positioned Echo Charlie to capitalize on the unique opportunities in event production that VR provides. “Our clients and their audiences have embraced VR,” said Carlson, “which means that it is an extremely viable platform for our company’s future. Looking forward, we’d like to do more VR content creation to further customize the experiences we produce for our clients.”

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