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The Future of Education: How Prisms uses VR at scale to teach Algebra, Geometry, and More

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Prisms is shaping the future of school through VR-based math education.

With the help of ManageXR, Prisms has deployed 5,000 Pico and Oculus devices to schools in over 60 locations.

By relying on ManageXR, Prisms is able to:

  • Reduce time spent managing devices.
  • Improve their learner experience with a simple, controlled & customized home environment.
  • Gain increased insights & analytics on device health, content usage, and location data.

The Prisms story

Prisms was born out of the covid-19 pandemic, when it’s CEO, Anurupa Ganguly, witnessed our society’s inability to connect a simple algebraic concept – exponential growth – to news about how a small gathering of people led to thousands of infections. 

This failure starts in our middle school and high school math classrooms, where Prisms is trailblazing a new way to teach math.

Prisms began using virtual reality to put students right into the math problems of the Pandemic. Rather than memorizing the exponential growth formula, students now experience exponential growth all around them by touching, moving, and interacting with hospitals, population groups, and tools like vaccines. 

Virtual reality and experiential learning

VR-based solutions enable students to experience the problem rather than just think about it.

Experiential learning not only facilitates a stronger and more realistic understanding of math, but also leaves a lasting impact on how students make decisions. Through Prisms’ VR-based algebra lessons, math is no longer an abstract, disconnected concept. Math is now lived and experienced through engaging with the world.

Prisms is not just teaching math. Prisms is shaping the future of education and the next generation of problem solvers.

Image courtesy of Prisms

ManageXR enabled Prisms to have impact at scale

Prisms began partnering with ManageXR to ease and expedite their VR-based learning at scale. ManageXR has supported Prisms in deploying 5,000 Pico and Oculus headsets to schools in over 60 locations.

Prisms initially launched with thousands of headsets on a device management system that was not working. Rather than facilitate the easy use of VR, the original device management system was causing devices to malfunction, creating a frustrating learning experience for teachers and students alike.

After connecting with ManageXR, the Prisms team immediately saw the impact of a management system built for scale. A deeply integrated MDM designed specifically for VR is necessary to ensure the successful adoption of this exciting technology. For Prisms, minimizing device setup time and getting students into VR as quickly as possible was critical to their success. As Ganguly says, “Education technologists need to understand that every minute lost to troubleshooting technical difficulties is a minute stolen from a student’s learning time. We take this responsibility very seriously at Prisms, and it was clear that ManageXR was the best MDM to ensure a seamless experience for our students and teachers.” 

Using a combination of the preloaded ManageXR application and the ManageXR Device Setup Tool, the Prisms team was able to quickly migrate their devices to ManageXR. Within minutes, Prisms was able to lock their devices down to a secure and customizable Home Screen, which enables students to stay focused on their curriculum and prevents them from getting lost inside the headset. Moving forward, Prisms can rely on ManageXR to remotely deliver updates to their apps, files, and firmware versions, minimizing the burden on school staff to keep their VR kits up to date.

Image courtesy of Prisms

ManageXR’s value to Prisms

ManageXR made it seamless and easy for Prisms to introduce new learning paradigms to their students. 

The ManageXR impact on Prisms:

  • Reduce time spent managing devices
    • Reduced device setup time with the ManageXR Pico preload and ManageXR Device Setup Tool
    • Reduced time tracking and troubleshooting devices via the ManageXR Web Console
    • Reduced time deploying  application updates using ManageXR’s app patching system
  • Improve learner experience with a simple, controlled & customized home environment
    • Lock devices to a set of approved apps for focused learning 
    • See the power of the Prisms experience the moment learners put on the headset with a customized home environment
  • Increase insights & analytics on device health, content usage, and location data

ManageXR is the mobile device management system for immersive devices. It is the core infrastructure that enables organizations, like Prisms, to deploy XR at scale. ManageXR makes using VR-based technology easy for teachers, giving them impactful teaching modules and giving back valuable time to spend with their students.

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