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Focus on teaching, not troubleshooting.

  • Simplify the user experience to help your students access learning materials faster.
  • Minimize prep time for teachers and IT with remote content management.
  • Hands-on implementation guidance from ManageXR’s edu experts.
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Education technologists need to understand that every minute lost to troubleshooting technical difficulties is a minute stolen from a student’s learning time. We take this responsibility very seriously at Prisms, and it was clear that ManageXR was the best MDM to ensure a seamless experience for our students and teachers.

Anurupa Ganguly
CEO, Prisms
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Safe and secure devices

  • Lock home screen to approved educational apps for focused learning.
  • Limit device access to social media, internet, and unapproved applications.
  • Track devices at home and at school.
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ManageXR gives us the ability to manage, monitor and secure our headsets so that our scholars’ experience in VR is only what the academy determines is necessary for its classical curriculum and lets us keep them in a reliable learning environment.

Adam Mangana
Executive Director, Optima Domi

Gain easy access to world class educational content at scale

  • Get the industries best educational content through ManageXR’s partners
  • Curate your classroom’s content library
  • Enable high quality remote learning with virtual campuses and curriculums
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