Take Control Of Your XR Headsets

ManageXR solves the challenges of working with XR at scale. Distribute content, customize the user experience, and troubleshoot devices, without leaving your desk.

Control means...

Track all of your XR devices in one place.

Monitor your fleet, check device statuses, and gain insight for easy troubleshooting.

Distribute apps, files, and firmware updates.

Remotely deploy all of your XR content to keep your devices up to date while out in the field.

Customize your home environment.

Use Kiosk Mode to lock a device to a single app or tailor our Home Screen to create a streamlined user experience.

Control many devices at once.

Organize devices into groups, apply configurations that define a device’s behavior, and send real-time commands.

Set up devices with one click.

Save time by provisioning large batches of devices with our Device Setup Tool.

Built for all mobile XR devices

ManageXR works on any Android-based XR device, including Pico Neo 2, Pico G2 4K, and Vive Focus Plus.

Pico Neo 2

Pico G2 4K

Vive Focus Plus

and others...

FAQ: Do you support Oculus devices?

Oculus Go, Oculus Quest 1, and Oculus Quest 2 are built on the Android operating system, thus, our software does work on these devices. However, using certain ManageXR features, like Kiosk Mode, is against the Oculus terms of service (unless you have explicit permission to do so). Therefore, if you choose to use our software with Oculus devices, you do so at your own risk.

Generally, Oculus devices are not a good fit for large-scale VR deployments. If you plan to scale in any meaningful way, we highly recommend working with a more business-friendly device manufacturer like Pico.

Want more tips about how to successfully manage and grow your VR operation? Book a demo or email us at hello@managexr.com.

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ManageXR is for your...


Keep your software up to date.

Own your user experience.

Understand usage trends.


Secure your hardware.

Troubleshoot devices.

Grow with an XR MDM.


Create low-friction immersion.

Conduct global virtual events.

Run efficient in-person demos


Control VR in-class or at-home.

Lock devices to approved apps.

Use content from any source.


Demonstrate feasibility.

Fix bugs after roll out.

Scale to full adoption.


Share new builds with clients.

Build a library of multiple APKs.

Access fleet data with our API.

Our Customers Say...

You will save time and money with ManageXR. You'll also enjoy working with us!

Scale Your Operation With ManageXR

  • Deploy hardware and software with confidence.
  • Make XR easy for your end-users.
  • Focus on your use case, not your delivery system.