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OVR Technology enhances VR-based experiences with the power of scent.

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OVR Technology leverages the power of scent to improve VR-based immersive experiences. With their specialized scent hardware, OVR delivers VR wellness, relaxation, and meditation experiences to clinical locations around the world.

By relying on ManageXR, OVR is able to:

  • Save time on software deployments by eliminating the need to manually sideload application updates.
  • Ensure a frictionless user experience with a branded and organized custom Home Screen.

OVR Technology

OVR Technology leverages the power of scent to improve VR-based immersive experiences. The OVR ION Scent Device, their specialized hardware, connects wirelessly via BlueTooth to almost any VR headset and receives commands based on the user’s interactions in VR and releases precise amounts of scent to fully immerse the user, stimulating memory, cognition, emotion, and behavior. OVR currently delivers VR wellness, relaxation, and meditation experiences (VR headset, ION, and VR content) to clinical locations around the world.

Prior to deployment at scale, OVR faced some major hurdles managing their hardware and deploying their content internally. The OVR team spent countless hours manually updating software and side-loading content. Each individual headset needed to be plugged into a computer where it could download the new app version from a USB drive. The complicated side-loading process made device setup slow and would be a major burden on their end-users (nurses, IT Managers, and office administrators) when devices needed to be updated, so OVR went looking for an MDM solution.

The ManageXR Solution

ManageXR enables OVR to save time on software deployments by eliminating the need to sideload application updates. The ManageXR platform (a cloud-based MDM), allows new versions of the app to be uploaded to the cloud and remotely pushed to devices connected to WiFi. 

According to Jesse Stein, OVR Techology’s Vice President of Product and Marketing, “I don’t even deal with .APK and .OBB files anymore. Our Development team uploads builds directly to ManageXR and we use Release Channels, to test and deploy specific versions, internally or to clients’ headsets. I get updates from my developer and immediately test new application versions.” ManageXR centralizes OVR’s application development and expedites version control and testing.

ManageXR Configurations allow OVR to bundle apps, files, and device settings for each client streamlining the provisioning process. “The device management and the flexibility of the configurations is great,” Stein adds. OVR uses ManageXR Configurations to easily provision and update devices for each of their clients. VR needs to be seamless and frictionless for end users to fully adopt an organization-wide VR solution. By eliminating the technical requirements, OVR can focus more on application development, sales, and the user experience.  

Example of configurations that bundle different sets of apps, files, and settings.

ManageXR transforms consumer devices into enterprise-grade headsets built for healthcare. OVR’s technology is used in clinical settings, among others, so it’s vital that healthcare providers can easily orient patients to VR-based experiences. Off the shelf devices come with the distractions of the default consumer home screen, such as social media notifications, advertisements, games, and complicated menu options. 

Clinicians want patients to have a smooth and healing experience, especially if it is their first time. “In the clinical setting…our customers don’t want people playing Beat Saber,” adds Stein. 

With ManageXR’s custom Home Screen, OVR clients see a well designed and easy to navigate menu with personalized content options based on their clinical use. The ManageXR home screen is custom-made, branded, and organized enabling an excellent and focused end user experience.

Preview of OVR’s Home Screen

The OVR and ManageXR Partnership

Not only did OVR get a device and content management solution for their healthcare clients, but they also found a go-to-market partner in ManageXR. The ManageXR platform was just what OVR needed to support their software distribution model. Stein added, “Every question I asked, ‘Can it do this?’, ‘Can it to that?’ was a yes! There’s no better feeling than when the answer to all your questions is ‘Yes, we can do that.'”

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