Take control of your XR deployments

Configure devices, distribute content, and customize the user experience with our enterprise-grade management platform.

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Configure devices with everything you want

Bundle XR content and settings to simplify management

illustration depicting apps and configuration settings being deployed to many devices at once

Deploy all types of XR content

Upload, update, and share content with ease.


Upload and distribute APKs of any size.


Watch 360, 180, and 2D videos.


Launch WebXR content with a simple link.


Send any file to your device’s file system.

Customize the device experience

Home Screen

Lock devices to a custom home environment to reduce friction and showcase your approved content. Make it your own by applying custom colors, branding, and backgrounds.

UI screenshot of kiosk configuration

Kiosk Mode

Lock devices to a single app so your users can get started the moment they put the device on their head. In this focused experience, users won’t have access to any other content or settings on the device.

Manage your devices from anywhere


Organize and keep track of your hardware.

  • Device names
  • Device tags
  • Location
  • MAC
  • Notes
  • Serial
UI screenshot of inventory

Device Health

Ensure devices are ready for prime time.

  • Battery level
  • Online / offline
  • Wifi network strength
  • Firmware version
  • Content install progress
  • Device activity logs
  • Alerts and errors
UI screenshot of device health

Real-time Commands

Take control of your devices in any situation.

  • Send commands to groups of devices
  • Launch app
  • Pause/Play video
  • Launch WebXR
  • Restart
  • Factory Reset
UI screenshot of real-time commands

See what’s happening inside the headset

Available on non-Quest devices

With Remote Screen Streaming

  • See what your users see
  • Guide users through their VR experience
  • Remotely troubleshoot issues

Measure impact with device usage analytics

Track device usage and activity over time to understand how your devices are being used.

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app activity data analytics cards

Scale with enterprise-grade security


  • SSO for secure login
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Encryption in-transit and at-rest
  • SOC 2 and ISO 27001 Certified
  • Annual security audits and penetration testing
UI screenshot of platform settings


  • Remote factory reset
  • Disable USB file transfer
  • Disable developer mode
  • Prevent user factory reset
UI screenshot of device settings


  • Role based access controls
  • Customizable user permissions
  • Audit logs
UI screenshot of user roles settings

Use any mobile XR device

Pico 4 headset

Pico 4

Pico Neo 3 headset

Pico Neo 3

Pico G3 headset

Pico G3

Meta Quest 3 headset

Meta Quest 3

Meta Quest 2 headset

Meta Quest 2

Meta Quest Pro headset

Meta Quest Pro

Vive Focus 3 headset

Vive Focus 3

Vive Flow headset

Vive Flow

DPVR P1 Pro headset


Magic Leap 2 headset

Magic Leap 2

Vuzix M400 headset

Vuzix M400

Simplified device setup

Seamlessly kickoff deployments of any size.

Screenshot of device management screen

On your own

Save time by provisioning devices in bulk with the Device Setup Tool. One-click installation and preloaded configurations streamline setup. This process is even faster for Pico devices which have ManageXR pre-installed.

With our partners

We’ll connect you to our provisioning partners. Procure devices, install ManageXR across your fleet, and preload your ideal in-headset experience, without touching a single device.

ManageXR is one click away

Unlock the power of XR across your organization.