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Retail is evolving. Customers expect an efficient in store experience, seamless online fulfillment, and a personalized purchasing experience. Retail employees must learn new processes fast and standout customer service. VR-based experiences enable retail customers to experience their purchase before they buy it, and empower employees with world class training to upskill and launch their careers.

Use Cases

  • Product design
  • Digital showrooms
  • Immersive selling
  • New processes
  • Store safety
  • Customer service
  • Sales training


Manufacturers must be both safe and productive. In order to meet this standard at every plant and warehouse, manufacturing leaders must provide their workforce with training that teaches workers to be efficient and careful. VR training gives manufacturing workers practice doing their job before they hit the floor. VR training is cheaper, less risky and more effective than traditional ways of teaching safety and critical on the job skills.

Use Cases

  • Operations
  • Fulfillment
  • Safe behaviors
  • Hazard identification
  • Lockout / tagout
  • 3D modeling
  • Process design

Consulting & Technology

In a competitive talent market, businesses must prioritize employee satisfaction and effective team building. Employees and managers with better interpersonal skills are more productive and more likely to stay. Businesses that leverage VR training to improve their workforce’s interpersonal skills have the advantage of delivering training that is enjoyable to employees, easily scalable, and more effective.

Use Cases

  • Collaboration
  • Meditation & personal reflection
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Manager training
  • Employee onboarding
  • Metaverse
  • Immersed marketing
  • Turnkey solutions


From customer service to field operations, telecom customers expect to be online and connected at all times. When issues do arise, these customers demand instant, friendly, and effective support. VR training enables telecom workers to upskill and cross-skill quickly so they can provide an excellent experience.

Use Cases

  • Remote employee training
  • Field assistance
  • Design review


Energy customers expect to be connected to the grid and receive clear communication about the status of their power. In order to meet high customer expectations, workers need access to training that will enable them to do their job effectively and safely. VR training enables energy workers to perform effectively, provide standout customer service, and be safe on potentially dangerous job sites.

Use Cases

  • Safety training
  • 3D modeling
  • Executive presentations
  • Training at heights
  • Job preview


Pharmaceutical companies provide society with life-saving healthcare treatments and medication. Behind these companies are people. In order for this industry to continue to quickly and safely provide new treatments and devices for our world, they must enable their people. VR training allows pharmaceutical employees to learn new skills quickly and achieve operational efficiency safely.

Use Cases

  • Medical device sales training
  • Healthcare worker training
  • Operations & process training
  • Safety training
  • Sanitation & hygiene practices
  • Research

Architecture & Construction (AEC)

With XR, architects can visualize and assess design plans, building layouts, and critical safety structures prior to using raw materials. Once plans are set, XR continues to support AEC, by providing construction teams training to ensure their workers are confident and safe on potentially dangerous job sites.

Use Cases

  • CAD
  • GIS
  • Plan Review
  • Site training
  • Safety training
  • Training at heights
  • Job preview

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