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Complete control of Lenovo ThinkReality VRX headsets

Experience hassle-free device setup, easily manage your devices, remotely distribute content, and deliver a secure and seamless user experience.

Lenovo device dashboard

Mobilize your fleet of Lenovo VRX headsets fast

The fastest device setup experience

With Lenovo, you don’t need to create user accounts for each device, so MDM installation can be done 4x faster.

Ready for device sharing

Since you don’t need user accounts for each device, many users can use a single device quickly and easily.

Take the provisioning workload off IT’s plate

Lenovo VRX headset

✓ ManageXR Installed

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Device management made easy


Organize and group devices for easy management at any scale.



A streamlined and consistent in-headset experience every time with Lenovo VRX headsets

Top-to-bottom customization

Strip out all distractions like confusing menus, social media, ads and unapproved content. Then, add your branding, curated content, and approved menus.

Pre-configure settings

Enable shortcut access and pre-configure any necessary settings for things like kiosk mode, wifi access, controllers, play boundary, etc so your users have a friction-free experience.

Focus on a single experience

Rely on our unbreakable kiosk mode for the most focused user experience. With your device locked into a single app and chosen settings, users can get started the moment they put on the device.

Remote content distribution to your fleet in seconds

  • Remotely deploy and update apps with zero user interruption.
  • Manage and build your content library of apps, 360° videos, and webxr links.
  • Discover vetted apps, content providers, and resources for Lenovo VRX headsets through ManageXR’s discovery tool, built right into the platform.
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Safe and secure Lenovo VRX headsets

Ensure that your Lenovo VRX headsets are safe and secure tools for healthcare, education, and enterprise training.

Scale with ManageXR’s enterprise-grade security

  • Remote factory reset
  • Disable USB file transfer
  • Disable developer mode
  • Role based access controls
  • Audit logs
  • SSO for secure login
  • SOC 2 Type 2 certified
  • Annual security audits and penetration testing
  • Encryption in-transit and at-rest

Real time control and visibility of your Lenovo VRX headsets

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ManageXR is one click away

Our customers use XR to solve problems around the world. They entrust us to manage thousands of devices and deploy their strategic content at scale.