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Why choose ManageXR over ArborXR

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Choosing an MDM for your VR deployment is a critical decision. Your device management platform is the infrastructure that enables you to control every aspect of your VR deployment.

What you’ll take away from this blog:

  • Company differentiators, why the ManageXR team is the leader in the XR MDM market.
  • Product differentiators, why the ManageXR product is better than the competition.
  • A downloadable side-by-side feature matrix comparing ManageXR to ArborXR.

Company Differentiators

Why the ManageXR Team is the Leader in the XR MDM Market

For innovators, by innovators

Innovation is at the core of who we are at ManageXR. As the first XR device management platform (MDM) in the industry, we continuously build cutting edge solutions to novel problems. As a ManageXR customer, you get first access to game-changing capabilities that redefine what is possible with your fleet of VR and AR devices.

Here are just a few core features that we brought to market first:

  • Custom Home Screen to lock your devices to a set of approved content.
  • Device Usage Analytics to track your XR usage over time.
  • Real-time commands to remotely control devices.
  • Native support for any type of XR content, including apps, videos, and webxr.
  • Remote Screen Streaming to see what is happening inside a headset.

Reliability is our top priority

With reliability as our top priority, we ensure that every feature will work every time. Our team leverages rigorous quality assurance testing, so our customers don’t have to worry about inconsistencies or glitches. ManageXR is trusted by industry leading enterprises, innovative educators, researchers running clinical trials, and FDA approved companies who expect a reliable, seamless product.

“Education technologists need to understand that every minute lost to troubleshooting technical difficulties is a minute stolen from a student’s learning time. We take this responsibility very seriously at Prisms, and it was clear that ManageXR was the best MDM to ensure a seamless experience for our students and teachers.”
Anurupa Ganguly, Prisms (More than 5K devices deployed on ManageXR)

Learn why Prisms switched from a competitor to ManageXR.

Where is our reliability better than our competitors?

Kiosk Mode / Custom Home Screen
ManageXR’s Kiosk Mode is built to be unbreakable and 100% reliable. When you enable Kiosk Mode, you should never have to worry that your users will experience glitches. Our customers consistently report that a key reason they chose ManageXR over the competitors is due to our more reliable Kiosk Mode.

Control over updates with phased rollouts and locked versions
You need complete control over your management system especially with a large fleet of devices. Untested updates and changes at scale can lead to significant issues. With ManageXR, you can control everything from app updates, to firmware, to the version of ManageXR itself.* This means you can test changes before rolling them out, so your team running a clinical trial or critical business process can rely on a consistently stable XR environment.

*Talk to us to get early access to sandbox testing and locked versions of ManageXR.

The ManageXR team

A technical product, built by a technical team

MDMs are technically complex and essential infrastructure for your VR and AR deployments. At ManageXR, our highly technical team sets us apart from our competitors. Our founder, an engineer, built this product when scaling his own successful healthcare VR pilot to 200 hospitals across the US in 2017. With this experience, our team knows what it takes to build reliable and scalable VR MDM.

Our team members come from many different backgrounds, but share experience at major XR industry leaders like Meta, HTC, Stanford University, Google, and Strivr. Our people are technical, experienced, and passionate about making your XR deployment succeed at scale.

We approach customers as partners

We see our customers as partners, not opportunities. Whether you’re managing 10 or 10,000 devices, we’re here to solve problems and ensure your deployment is successful. When you need support, help isn’t two to five business days away – you can speak with a member of our team whenever you need us.

As our partner, the benefits you’ll get from our product are only the beginning. The connections to strategic partners in hardware, content, and beyond will increase and sustain the value you get from choosing ManageXR. Plan, launch, and scale your deployments with access to all of the industry’s best resources through ManageXR.

MDM is our product, but making your deployments successful is our job.

ManageXR vs. ArborXR comparison

As a VR champion at your organization, you’re going to be evaluating many solutions. Here is a comparison of important capabilities to evaluate, and how one of our competitors compares.

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Top 3 Product Differentiators

Why the ManageXR Product is Better than the Competition

1. A management system that matches the way you think.

Our customers think about their VR and AR deployments in terms of classrooms, training topics, locations, and use cases; not complex, technical components. So we built Configurations which match the way you think and make the user experience feel like magic. Read our blog to learn more about how Configurations make our product more intuitive than any XR MDM.

2. Fast updates without interruptions.

ManageXR saves you time. Applications are typically large files that take a long time to update. So we built App Patching which reduces the size of the app by only updating the parts that have changed. App patches are typically less than half the size (~10% of the size) of an entire app, meaning updates are 2x to 10x faster.

In addition to increasing update speed, ManageXR does all updates in the background so your users have a seamless XR experience. The last thing you need is to have your app restart in the middle of a session due to an untimely update. ManageXR’s app updates are optimized to be both fast and non-disruptive.

3. Complete clarity with Remote Screen Streaming.

Troubleshooting in VR can be frustrating. It’s difficult to help when you can’t see what’s going on inside the headset. That’s why ManageXR built Remote Screen Streaming*. This feature enables you to see exactly what is happening inside your devices from anywhere in the world.

Stream multiple devices at once and keep using the ManageXR platform at the same time. This means you can send a command to launch an app or play a video to streaming devices, and watch it happen in real-time.

*Remote screen streaming is currently available on Pico devices.

Key Takeaways

Evaluating competing VR MDMs is a critical phase in the research and planning process for any organization using VR and AR. Your VR MDM will be the core infrastructure that enables you to control every aspect of your VR deployment. When you choose ManageXR, you are getting the most reliable VR MDM backed by a team of experts who will make sure your deployment succeeds now and at scale. But don’t just take our word for it. Try it yourself for 30 days free!

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