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What is an MDM? Why does it matter for XR devices? Why won’t your current MDM work?

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What is an MDM?

MDM stands for mobile device management. It is a combination of software and processes that make it possible to track, secure, and make use of many devices at scale. MDMs are used in almost every industry that distributes devices to its workforce, like businesses, schools, and hospitals. Traditionally, these devices include smartphones, tablets, and computers. 

With an MDM, an IT admin can remotely deploy apps, settings, firmware, and more to their fleet of devices, rather than painstakingly updating each device by hand. They can also remotely control the device in certain scenarios, like unlocking the device for you if you forget your password, or wiping your device of sensitive data if it’s been lost. Common mobile device management features include:

  • Device inventory and tracking
  • Application distribution & updates
  • Remote wipe & lock
  • Password enforcement
  • Application whitelisting and blacklisting
  • Data encryption enforcement
  • Enable connections to enterprise wifi networks

Why does it matter?

The ability to remotely control certain aspects of mobile devices is crucial for security, compliance, and overall ease of use. Since nearly all organizations rely on the use of mobile devices, MDMs are a critical piece of IT infrastructure that can enable a single administrator to centrally manage thousands of devices spread across the globe. You simply can’t support a large-scale device deployment without a toolset that can help automate device management tasks like updating applications, firmware, and settings.

Why won’t your current MDM work for XR?

Traditional MDMs are made for computers, smartphones, and tablets. Naturally, a traditional MDM’s features are limited to what those devices can do. However, VR and AR is an entirely new medium with a unique set of capabilities, meaning you need an MDM that was built to support these cutting edge and rapidly evolving devices. 

Here are 3 key reasons you need to use an MDM that is built for XR:

  1. End-users need a simplified home environment to make XR easy to use. Whether you need to lock students to a set of approved apps, or make it easier for your new employees to access their training modules, a simple and customizable XR home environment is crucial for successful use of XR at scale.
  2. VR experiences come in many different formats, and you need an MDM that will distribute all of them. With an MDM built for XR, you’ll be able to remotely deploy apps, videos, webXR links, and more.
  3. You need an MDM that is designed to support XR use-cases. Traditional MDMs are typically designed for large deployments consisting of enterprise smartphones and laptops used by a single end-user, however, XR deployments look much different. Whether it’s many students sharing a classroom set of devices, a doctor using a device to treat patients, or a museum-goer using an XR device in an exhibit, there are many unique XR use-cases that require a flexible MDM designed for XR.

Why choose ManageXR?

Not only does ManageXR stand out from traditional MDMs because it’s designed specifically for XR use-cases, but our company is built different too. Here are 3 key reasons why you should use ManageXR for your XR deployment:

  1. ManageXR is “for XR innovators, by XR innovators.” In 2017, while deploying 1300 headsets to over 200 children’s hospitals across the US, we realized a fundamental roadblock to the adoption of XR: it was possible to run a successful VR pilot program in a single location, but distributing that solution across many locations and people was incredibly challenging. Addressing this challenge led us to create ManageXR, the platform that enables organizations to use XR at scale.

    As early innovators, we know what it takes to deploy XR. We’ve felt the pain of doing it on our own, setting up hundreds of devices and teaching countless people how to use VR for the first time. And we’ve seen the amazing outcomes ourselves, from helping patients reduce their pain with VR therapeutics to participating in collaborative 3D design sessions in VR. These first-hand experiences drive our product roadmap and motivate our team to build the best XR management platform available.
  2. An XR MDM is our product, but ensuring you have a successful XR deployment is our job. We’re real people with a passion for XR, which means we’re obsessed with customer support and making sure your deployments are successful. Working with us means you have access to the most experienced XR deployment specialists in the world.
  3. ManageXR solves your problems. Whether you’re an IT expert at a global enterprise or just getting started in your XR-at-scale journey, our MDM is designed to solve your needs and be easy to use. Our MDM supports all types of XR deployments, with devices across 2500+ cities and 80+ countries. Unlike most traditional MDMs, ManageXR offers premium features built for XR, such as:
    • Support for all leading XR devices
    • Customizable XR Home Screen
    • Device usage analytics
    • Native 360, 180, 2D video support and distribution
    • WebXR support
    • Rapid development focused solely on XR device management
    • Bulk device provisioning tools

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