Revolutionize healthcare with XR

Deploy VR/AR with ease at hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. We make XR simple and scalable, so you can focus on delivering innovative healthcare solutions.

Our MedTech and digital therapeutics customers are pioneering the future of healthcare

Complete control over the healthcare experience

  • Design and deliver reliable patient experiences
  • Restrict devices to approved clinical applications
  • Monitor your fleet from anywhere in the world

Everything has to work from the second they put the device on their head.

Sagie Grunhaus
Former VP of Product, XRHealth
OVR home screen

Make XR easy for patients and providers

  • Simplify the user experience to help your patients access VR faster.
  • Minimize prep time for providers and administrators with remote content management.
  • Hands-on implementation guidance from ManageXR’s deployment experts.

Clinicians want patients to be focused and present while using VR for the first time. In the clinical setting…our customers don’t want people playing beat saber.

Jesse Stein
VP of Product & Marketing, OVR

Safe and Secure Devices

Transform consumer hardware into healthcare-ready devices.

  • Enterprise-grade security with SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certification.
  • Customizable privacy controls keep patient information safe and protected.
  • Easily connect to 802.1x secured wifi networks.
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