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Immersive technology has unlocked new ways to learn, work, and collaborate. With the power to virtually experience and do anything, innovators are reimagining the way the world operates. Enterprises are using XR to train employees more effectively, doctors are using XR to improve patient outcomes, and schools are using XR to overhaul the learning experience.

To facilitate the positive impact of XR across the world, ManageXR builds tools that enable these innovators to deploy their solutions at scale.

Our Story | For innovators, by innovators

ManageXR started in healthcare. Working in collaboration with the Stanford CHARIOT Program in 2017, we built VR apps to improve patient outcomes through distraction, mindfulness, and gamified physical therapy.

While deploying 1300 headsets to over 200 children’s hospitals across the US, we realized a fundamental roadblock to the adoption of XR: it was possible to run a successful VR pilot program in a single location, but distributing that solution across many locations and people was incredibly challenging. It was no longer a question of whether or not VR presented viable and game-changing solutions, but whether or not those solutions could scale. Addressing this challenge led us to create ManageXR, the platform that enables organizations to use XR at scale.

As early innovators, we know what it takes to deploy XR. We’ve felt the pain of doing it on our own, setting up hundreds of devices and teaching countless people how to use VR for the first time. And we’ve seen the amazing outcomes of XR ourselves, from helping patients reduce their pain with VR therapeutics to participating in collaborative 3D design sessions in VR. These first-hand experiences drive our product roadmap and fuel our team to build the best XR management platform available.

Today, organizations across 4000+ cities and 100+ countries depend on ManageXR to train employees, teach students, treat patients, and more.

The ManageXR Team

We are people with a passion for XR.

Our team members come from many different backgrounds, but share experience at major XR industry leaders like Meta, HTC, Stanford University, Google, and Strivr. The ManageXR team is driven to build the best product on the market. We are customer-centric in our thinking and believe that each customer’s experience is critical to our success. ManageXR is our product, but making our customer’s deployments successful is our job.

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