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How we help XRHealth offer seamless VR therapy around the world.

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The Company: XRHealth is a VR therapeutics company. It administers remote telehealth services in virtual reality for patients engaged in physical and behavioral therapies.

The Challenge: XRHealth needs to provide self-guided VR experiences for hundreds of nontechnical patients across the globe.

The Solution: ManageXR’s robust feature set enables XRHealth to offer seamless VR therapy in patient homes around the world.

The Custom Home Screen and Tutorial Mode give XRHealth full control of each patient’s VR experience.

XRHealth’s VR Telehealth Kit

Remote clinical sessions require that nontechnical patients, of all ages, use VR headsets on their own. Sagie Grunhaus, XRHealth’s VP of Product, emphasized how “everything has to work from the second they put the device on their head.” Any time that a patient spends navigating technical hurdles disrupts their care and creates frustrations.

ManageXR’s Home Screen provides XRHealth with the control to facilitate a seamless patient experience. The Home Screen is branded to match XRHealth applications and simplifies the user interface so patients can avoid confusing device navigation and immediately begin their clinical sessions.

XRHealth’s Custom Home Screen

ManageXR’s Tutorial Mode further enables XRHealth to provide a personalized experience for their patients through a unique XRHealth tutorial application that launches the first time a patient uses their headset. And when a patient has completed their care and sends the device back to XRHealth, the company can quickly reset the device to prepare it for a new patient.

Prior to using the Custom Home Screen and Tutorial Mode, Grunhaus explained, “It was hard. 30 percent of users would call customer support because they couldn’t launch our app.” ManageXR has eliminated that issue entirely, providing, as Grunhaus describes, “a reliable system where clinicians can focus on treatment and the tech magically works.”

Device tracking boosts efficiency. XRHealth can ensure that each headset is ready for upcoming clinical sessions and remotely troubleshoot technical issues that arise.

ManageXR Device Tracking Dashboard (Example)

XRHealth uses the device tracking tools to ensure that patients are prepared for upcoming appointments. Clinicians perform remote battery checks in advance of clinical sessions, targeting patients who need to charge their devices so precious meeting time is not spent doing so. Patients are ready to start their sessions on time, and so the sessions are more effective.

ManageXR’s device tracking also enables XRHealth’s product support team to remotely troubleshoot technical issues that arise. Such issues are common when working with nontechnical users, and ManageXR facilitates efficient resolution of patient questions about, for example, wifi, battery, or software updates.

Control of many devices in customized groups allows XRHealth to tailor applications to suit the unique needs of different patients around the world.

XRHealth works with patients on a global scale, spanning three different continents. As Grunhaus explains, “We have different needs for different geographic areas. We want to control who has what experience, depending on their location.” For example, groups of devices must be pre-installed with content in certain languages before shipping to patients. ManageXR gives XRHealth the ability to customize its applications for different groups of devices according to patient needs.

Remote updates distribute seamless improvements to XRHealth applications— both while they are internally developed and when they are released for clinical use.

ManageXR provides remote update capabilities that XRHealth uses to improve its software, both before and after it is deployed on patient devices. For example, the XRHealth team uses ManageXR as a development platform to push and test new application builds. “The platform is configurable to maximize the feedback obtained from beta testers,” Grunhaus described. “This is huge, because we cannot beta test on our patients.”

Everything has to work from the second they put the device on their head.

When software updates are ready for patient use, ManageXR ensures a smooth and controlled rollout. “We’ve had three or four updates this year,” Grunhaus said. “ManageXR made it easy to visualize and control which updates arrived to which patients. It was easy to use, which boosts our efficiency.”

The future with ManageXR: XRHealth seeks expansion in the telehealth industry.

XRHealth is unique in its use of virtual reality technology. Looking towards the future, Grunhaus says that the company aims to be “the world’s largest outpatient telehealth clinic,” growing in the number of patients and geographic regions served. To sustain growth at such a scale, XRHealth will rely on ManageXR’s infrastructure to automate many of its deployment processes. Grunhaus said, “We haven’t met a lot of companies that have been as responsive, creative, imaginative, and that have such high quality delivery as ManageXR. Having ManageXR on our side is a big strength point for getting XRHealth to run smoothly.”

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