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Accenture Uses ManageXR’s VR MDM to Accelerate Job Training for Human Services Caseworkers Across the US

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The Accenture Virtual Experience Solution (AVEnueS) is an award-winning learning method that uses VR and experiential learning to help caseworkers develop skills related to navigating human behavior. It invites users into a deeper understanding of their own bias and increases the likelihood that they will be conscious of it when making decisions about the families they serve.

With the help of ManageXR, Accenture has deployed over 300 headsets for training in government agencies and universities across the country.

By relying on ManageXR, Accenture is able to:

  • Eliminate time spent troubleshooting and updating devices in-person.
  • Help trainees get into VR faster with a simple, customized VR home screen.
  • Understand how their customers are using their devices through analytics.

Accenture’s AVEnueS Training Program

As one of the most well-known consultancies in the world, Accenture is pioneering groundbreaking uses of virtual reality (VR) across the globe. AVEnueS is a learning method designed to help people reflect on the role that bias plays in decision making. It does this by combining immersive VR, digital twins, artificial intelligence/analytics, and experiential learning. While AVEnueS originated in the child welfare domain, it is applicable across the public sector. At its heart, AVEnueS is about how we all interact with one another. This opens the opportunity for anyone who works anywhere in the public sector to think about how they are interacting with citizens and design ways to improve their interpersonal behaviors.

Imagery from the AVEnueS Training Program (Courtesy of Accenture)

As Accenture deployed the AVEnueS solution in governments across the country, they quickly faced the challenge of remotely managing their devices. Pain points like device set up, software updates, and troubleshooting at scale became necessary to address in order for their training to be successful. Accenture needed a way to manage devices and content centrally so that the local human services offices didn’t have to. 

The ManageXR Solution

With ManageXR, Accenture has deployed hundreds of standalone VR headsets to human services offices across the US. 

For the AVEnueS team, a key benefit of the ManageXR platform is the remote update and troubleshooting capabilities. Before ManageXR, when sites were not using the system due to technical issues, Accenture would send a technician on a plane to manually perform resets and app updates in-person. With the ManageXR platform, identifying devices with technical issues and troubleshooting them can all happen remotely. 

According to Dan Buie, Senior Manager at Accenture, “Removing the need to send a technician onsite each time we need to make changes or updates has been a significant cost saver for us. This remote servicing combined with the broader headset management features enables us to easily scale and deploy our programs.”

In addition to fast and easy device management, Accenture uses ManageXR’s custom home screen to drastically improve the user experience. The custom home screen streamlines the VR experience by allowing end-users to access the various AVEnueS apps from a single, branded home screen that appears the moment a user puts on the headset.

Preview of Accenture’s Home Screen

ManageXR makes device management for Accenture’s AVEnueS program more cost effective and considerably less burdensome, giving them more time to develop groundbreaking training programs for human services workers.

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