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Transfr and ManageXR create classroom-to-career pathways for the workforce of the future

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  • Transfr is using VR-based simulations to train millions of people for well-paying careers in high-demand fields, like manufacturing and the automotive industry.
  • With ManageXR, Transfr has changed their VR devices into secure, enterprise-grade workforce training tools. 
  • The ManageXR platform enables Transfr to:
    • Have full control of their devices, regardless of where it is and who is using it.
    • Block access to social media, the internet, or unapproved applications.
    • Provide a home screen that is easy to navigate and reduces friction for first time users.
    • Remotely update and distribute new content with just one click.
    • Offer excellent support to their clients at any time from any location.

About Transfr

Transfr is building an economic development platform to train millions of people for well-paying careers in high-demand fields. Powered by VR-based simulation training, Transfr’s trainees gain experience practicing the skills they need for real-world jobs. Transfr works with community organizations, workforce development groups, educational institutions, and industry leaders to create classroom-to-career pathways. 

Transfr student using VR for training.

Real jobs, right now, in high-growth industries: Transfr’s job training programs and career exploration

In partnership with Alabama’s Ready to Work and JumpstartAL programs, Transfr serves college students seeking jobs in manufacturing. Transfr’s hands-on simulations deliver high-quality and repeatable trainings without the need for additional staff, or the cost of expensive materials and training facility buildouts. Students use VR-based training to learn plant safety, precision measurement, and blueprint reading. These skills make them more employable and ready for on-the-job training when they step on-site. 

In Texas, Workforce Solutions of West Central Texas (WSWCT) has pioneered the use of Transfr to upskill and reskill workers in manufacturing, automotive, and other skilled trades. After successfully finishing Transfr simulations, learners receive certificates of completion from WSWCT that can lead to career advancement and help them along their training and career development journey. With VR simulations, workforce boards can serve their populations without specialized equipment or access to expensive facilities. Transfr partners with 18 of 28 total workforce boards in Texas, covering over 80% of the state, with 4,800 youths and job seekers having completed over 6,300 career exploration simulations.

ManageXR enables Transfr to offer training that is secure, safe, and easy to use

As Transfr and their partners invested in VR-based simulation training, significant concerns were raised about the security of the devices, the safety of students, and ease of use for people who have never used VR or AR before. 

This is the challenge ManageXR and Transfr have partnered on to solve. Transfr’s content is changing the way students learn and get jobs. However, if the content is hard to find, unmanaged, and unsupervised; partner organizations lose trust that students are engaged in the learning system and ready to work. 

By utilizing the ManageXR platform, Transfr can transform their VR devices into secure, enterprise-grade workforce training tools. The ManageXR software gives community organizations and workforce development groups full control of the device, regardless of where it is and who is using it. With ManageXR, Transfr can block access to social media, the internet, or unapproved applications. 

Further, the ManageXR Home Screen feature enables Transfr to provide a home menu that is easy to navigate for first time users. It is critical that students experience little to no friction when using VR for the first time. When students can get into the learning content quickly and seamlessly, it is easier to complete the job training and enjoy the immersive experience. The ManageXR Home Screen is also customizable, and Transfr’s participating organizations are able to design and brand the home screen on their devices to deliver a familiar and professional experience. 

Transfr uses ManageXR’s Custom Home Screen.

At its core, ManageXR is an infrastructure that allows Transfr and its partner organizations to control the end-to-end experience of the user. Transfr can remotely update and distribute new learning experiences with just one click, and they can offer excellent support to their clients at any time from any location. By transforming the Pico and Meta device interfaces for workforce development teams like Alabama Ready to Work, organizations feel in control of their XR devices and empowered to build strong classroom-to-career pathways. 

ManageXR is one click away

Unlock the power of XR across your organization.