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Introducing Discover XR: Revolutionizing VR & AR Resource Discovery for Enterprises, Healthcare, and Education Sectors

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We’re excited to announce a new part of ManageXR. Together with our partners, we’ve built a new tool that brings the XR ecosystem to you. Say hello to Discover XR.

As a VR and AR Device Management Platform, ManageXR serves as a hub that connects the many parts of a VR deployment – content, hardware, users, and more. This also means that we often play a role in connecting our users to other providers in the ecosystem who can help with every stage of their deployment. With Discover XR, we’ve built this into our platform so you can find great content, partners, and resources whenever you need them.

By providing efficient content discovery and connection capabilities through Discover XR, we are reducing the time to value and enabling organizations to unlock the full potential of their VR and AR investments. By connecting organizations with the right content developers and applications, we aim to facilitate the growth of the industry and help developers get their content in front of the right audience.

Discover XR is launching with 3 key sections: Instant Apps, Content Providers, and Hardware Partners.

⚡️Instant Apps

Instant Apps are free, high-quality demo applications to help you try new content quickly. Save an Instant App to your VR Content Library, add it to a configuration, and use it on your devices today. Love an app? You can contact the developers to access the full version without leaving ManageXR.

Content Providers

Whether you need a full suite of trainings connected to your learning management system, custom content, or great 360 videos to supercharge sales enablement, you can find a content partner here. Connect with partners in two clicks.

Hardware Partners

Procuring and setting up hundreds or thousands of devices is a big lift. Working with a provisioning partner can help you get large deployments off the ground in a fraction of the time. Find resellers and other hardware partners that enable you to grow.

Here’s the full list of our launch partners

Discover XR is available today! If you’re not already on ManageXR, start a 30-day free trial.

Interested in listing your company in our discovery tool? Reach out to to join our waitlist! 

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