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ManageXR’s Custom Home Screen

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Completely control the in-headset experience

Our customers have unique needs when it comes to the in-headset experience. Fortune 1000 organizations using VR for enterprise training need a on-brand home screen that can natively support any type of content. Educators need a home screen that is simple to lock down and only shows approved content. Our healthcare customers need a home screen that is easy to navigate for first time users who are using VR and AR as part of their treatment plan.

At ManageXR, we strive to empower our customers to create VR deployments that meet the needs of their people. That’s why we created the Custom Home Screen feature. The Custom Home Screen is a core and beloved feature of the ManageXR platform. It gives our customers complete control over the in-headset experience, particularly user interface (UI), content, and settings.

Custom Home Screen for retail grocery customer.
Custom Home Screen for a Middle School.

Completely Customizable User Interface (UI)

Transform your consumer VR device into a powerful training, education, and healthcare tool. The complete UI overhaul enables you to do away with the default home screen on most devices. These default home screens often contain confusing menus, social media notifications, advertisements, and unapproved content. The ManageXR Custom Home Screen is built for impact and clarity. Completely control the branding (colors, images, and logos), curate approved content, organize with tabs, and intuitively find device health and settings information.

Further, fully customizing the in-headset UI and UX is easy. Take advantage of our curated list of 360 degree background images, or drag and drop your own. Create a familiar and recognizable in-headset experience by integrating your brand. Simply drag and drop your own logos and background image, and select your own colors. The in-headset experience is completely yours, we won’t even sneak our own ManageXR logo into your Home Screen.

Click play to watch how easy it is to drag and drop your logo and background image.
Customizing colors is simple and intuitive.

Native Support of Any Type of Content

Beyond UI, the Custom Home Screen brings our customers big value because it supports all types of content. ManageXR is the leader in natively supporting many video and display types including any apps, 2D, 180, 360 videos, MP4, and webXR links. No matter what format your content is in, it will instantly play on our platform. So you no longer need another video player software to launch videos. Not only can you deploy any type of content, but you can gain total control over which apps and content get displayed in the headset. Turn your device into a focused, safe experience that only shows approved content and restricts access to social media and other websites.

Play any type of content.

Powerful Home Screen Settings

Customization doesn’t stop with the UI and content. Customize the settings your users have access to. Turn on access to wifi, enable kiosk mode, cast to TV, see controller settings, enable play boundary, and enable bluetooth. Enable the shortcut menu to give users easy, quick access to key settings.

Kiosk a single app and enable shortcut menu for easy navigation in and out of content.

ManageXR’s Home Screen and Kiosk Mode are designed to be reliable and impossible for the user to break out of. However, you can unlock powerful admin settings when needed for troubleshooting. Temporarily break out of Home Screen and Kiosk Mode through the pin-protected admin settings or by sending a real-time ‘Disable Kiosk’ command from the platform.

Powerful customizable settings.

We know that it’s not enough to offer app kiosking and a custom VR home environment– they actually need to work. Our in-headset experiences are rigorously tested for reliability. We want you to have complete certainty that your users will have a friction-free, controlled, and safe experience on our platform.

Overall, ManageXR’s Custom Home Screen is a powerful feature for customizing and managing your VR and AR devices. Gain complete control over the in-headset experience. Customize the UI with your brand, play any type of content, and unlock powerful settings that meet your needs.

Create your Custom Home Screen on ManageXR today.

Need some inspiration? Check out some examples of Custom Home Screens below.

Custom Home Screen for construction company.
Custom Home Screen for enterprise business leaders company.
Custom Home Screen for educational, virtual field trips.
Custom Home Screen for adventure simulations.

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