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How we help Lobaki scale their VR education offerings.

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The Company: Lobaki helps schools across the country implement innovative educational programs with VR.

The Challenge: Lobaki had deployed over 200 VR headsets to a school in Arizona, but third-party software failures rendered the devices useless without technical support. Lobaki’s Mississippi-based staff traveled to Arizona to set up a support center and manually reload the VR devices. Mere weeks later, the same issue arose, requiring more in-person support. “We couldn’t keep doing that,” said Lobaki’s CEO, Amber Coeur.

The Solution: ManageXR’s remote app deployment solves frustrating support issues and unlocks Lobaki’s growth potential.

ManageXR gives Lobaki full control over its VR devices and the ability to provide remote technical support. In particular, ManageXR’s app deployment feature prevents critical failures when third-party applications start to malfunction. “With ManageXR,” Coeur said, “we have the management piece handled.”

With ManageXR, we have the management piece handled.

Previously, Lobaki couldn’t imagine providing technical support for more than a few hundred devices. With ManageXR, however, Lobaki has the ability to scale its business. It now deploys hundreds of VR devices across schools in nine states, and recently signed a contract to deploy over 500 devices to the DeKalb County School District. “ManageXR makes it possible to say yes to a project like that,” Coeur explained. “We don’t know how we’d do it without remote management capability.”

Providing in-person technical support limited Lobaki’s capacity and created frustrating inefficiencies for its clients and staff. ManageXR not only supports Lobaki’s VR deployments at scale, but also enables Lobaki to shift its attention to innovation and program development.

The future with ManageXR: Lobaki pursues structural change at a global scale.

The capacity for Lobaki to scale in the education and training sectors is particularly important now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, when instructors are seeking effective tools for remote teaching. A 2020 study by PwC revealed that VR technology can boost the speed of learning by 400%, and that VR-learners are more confident in applying what they are taught. Educators, however, typically lack the technical skills to confidently manage VR-based instruction. As the demand for such instruction increases, Lobaki is uniquely poised to deploy both VR devices and technical expertise to educators. “We want to have a material impact on how education works,” Coeur said. And with ManageXR, Lobaki can sustain growth to manage thousands of devices and achieve its goal to have global reach within three years.

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