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Why VR and AR Developers should use Application Release Channels

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The problem

VR and AR content developers regularly create new application versions. Whenever developers want to add a new feature, fix a bug, or make an improvement; they build and deploy a new version of your app. At any given moment, you may be juggling several versions of your app: some versions that are still internally undergoing development, testing, and quality assurance; and other versions that are production ready for end-users.

Managing all of these app versions can be cumbersome without the right tools. Your content distribution system should help you organize your app versions and confidently deploy the correct app to the appropriate audience.

ManageXR’s Application Release Channels

Application Release Channels are an application distribution tool that simplify and centralize application versioning and updating. They align with your software development lifecycle to streamline application version updates. Release Channels save you time and give you complete control over all of your applications with ease.

Types of Release Channels

Many of our VR and AR content developer customers have Release Channels for development, testing, QA (quality assurance), and production where they release the respective version of their application for experimentation, testing, or for general customer use.

Who are Release Channels built for?

Release Channels are made for content developers, ISVs, content platforms, and any organization who creates & deploys their own applications.

When do you need Release Channels?

The moment you begin to manage multiple app versions on multiple configurations, you should consider using Release Channels instead of targeting specific app versions. As your app evolves, rather than updating each of your configurations with the new version, you can instead update the app’s Release Channel. You will also need Release Channels when you want to securely share your application with another organization. Generate a share code to give to your customers for easy and secure application sharing. Through ManageXR, you can see how many organizations and devices have access to your Release Channel.

The Impact of Release Channels

  • Streamline and centralize application update process:
    • Make version changes in one place that apply to all your configurations and organizations.
    • Save time deploying new versions of content and software.
    • Simplify management by using Release Channels as a single source of truth for application versions.
  • Securely share your app with other organizations through Release Channels:
    • Control and update the app version you share with ease.
    • See how many other organizations and devices have access to your Release Channel and application version.
    • Revoke access to a Release Channel at any time.
    • Get email notifications when anyone accepts a Release Channel share code.

How to start using Release Channels

Getting started with Release Channels is easy.

  1. Create a Release Channel
  2. Give it a name
  3. Add it to your Configurations

Ready to give other organizations access to your Release Channel?

Generate a share code to give to your customers.

Learn more about how to use ManageXR’s Application Release Channels on our Technical Help Center.

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