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How ISVs hand-off VR device management to their customers

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Much of the adoption of VR and AR is driven by content. Organizations begin their adoption process with a single use case supported by great content. Content brings the obvious value when organizations use VR and AR for training, education, healthcare, wellness, and entertainment. The key players behind great VR and AR content are developers at ISVs (Independent Software Vendors).

At the beginning of an enterprise’s journey with XR, ISVs often provide end-to-end software and hardware solutions. The ISVs procure hardware, manage devices, deploy content, offer technical support, and play a critical role in ensuring the XR program’s success. In this model, ISVs bear the brunt of management and support costs, and the end user organizations are not able to fully control how to manage their own devices.

ISVs are pivotal for getting VR and AR into organizations. When organizations are ready to scale their VR and AR deployments they rely on the ISV to get them started with direct device management. So, it is imperative that ISVs have a plan and strategy for transitioning management and support to their customers. 

The benefits of handing-off management to customers

Handing-off management and support has major benefits for both ISVs and customers. For ISVs, transitioning management ownership to their customers means they get to offload the time and financial costs of device management and technical support. ISVs can focus on creating game changing content and impactful software, rather than taking on the operational cost of being an end-to-end service provider.

For customers, a hand-off of management gives them complete control over their VR and AR device fleet. With more control, customers can involve their own IT teams, customize their devices, decide how to group devices, and configure content and settings to meet their exact needs. When customers control their management and involve their own IT teams, it is easier to integrate their VR device management into their organization’s IT infrastructure. This can make hurdles like connecting to enterprise wifi a smooth and seamless process. Further, customers who own their own VR MDM can get direct technical device support when they need it.

Want support in transitioning management ownership to your customer? Book a strategy session with ManageXR’s deployment experts today. 

How to hand-off VR device management to customers

On ManageXR’s VR and AR MDM platform, handing off ownership to customers is seamless and fast. First, introduce your customer to device management. When you’re ready to get started with the transition, create a separate organization on ManageXR for your customer’s devices. You can use the Change Organization command to move devices to this new sandbox. Then, give your customer access to their organization. Now, your customer can control their content, devices, and configurations. Lastly, you can transition the paying party to your customer.

We can help! ManageXR offers free MDM transition strategy sessions for ISVs. Our team of XR experts can provide you with useful materials ISVs can give to their customers. We also offer educational demo sessions to teach end user customers how to use their VR and AR MDM.

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