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Flexible XR Content Management with Bundled Files

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Last week we released an update to make “app versions” more flexible and powerful than ever before. We noticed a common pattern: developers often deploy supporting files like Unity AssetBundles, mp4 video modules, and customizable JSONs alongside their apps. By separating these files from the APK itself, developers can swap files without needing to rebuild the APK. With this update, app versions can contain your APK, OBB, and other Bundled Files.

With this update you can:

  • Bundle files directly with your app versions.
  • Organize, distribute, and update supporting files efficiently.
  • Deploy any combination of file types alongside applications.
  • Easily swap the files without having to build a new version of your APK.

Who benefits from App & File Bundles?

This update is critical for content developers that deploy files alongside applications.

Our partner, Healium, deploys their application alongside mp4 videos. This feature enables them to streamline their content management process so they can focus on delivering impactful content to their users.

5 Key Benefits of App & File Bundles

1. Streamline and centralize content management

Stay efficient and organized by bundling additional files directly with your app versions. Make updates to your accompanying files in one place that propagate to all of your Configurations. Keep track of the files deployed with each of your app versions from a centralized location.

2. Flexible and fast content uploads and updates

When you upload a new app version, you can copy the Bundled Files from a previous version in a couple clicks and drag/drop to add new files. Want to use the same app version, but change the files? You can duplicate an app version and modify the Bundled Files.

3. Deploy and share content with ease

Create an Application Release Channel, select your app version with Bundled Files, and share it with other organizations on ManageXR. No need to manually upload all of the files to each organization!

4. Keep your app version in sync with its files

With Bundled Files, your app and its supporting files are a single unit. That way, you can be sure your app version is always deployed with the correct files.

5. Automate your content workflow

Use ManageXR’s advanced CLI tools to automate your content update processes and deployment pipelines. Instead of manually uploading new app and file versions, automate your workflow for extra efficiency.

How to use Bundled Files?

First time using Bundled Files

Upload your files and app version. Then add Bundled Files to it by dragging and dropping.

Migrating from the status quo to Bundled Files is seamless.

Already deploying additional files on configurations? Don’t worry, you won’t need to recreate your file trees. You can copy file structures that already exist on any configuration into your app’s bundled files in a couple clicks.

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