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VR/AR content development companies all face a key problem: how to distribute content to their customer’s devices. To unlock rapid growth, XR content developers must solve the problems surrounding content distribution and content updates at scale. Robust app distribution infrastructure enables developers to support many customers, patients, and learners with ease. On the flip side, weak or manual processes for getting apps to clients can stand in the way of business growth.

ManageXR is the go-to platform for developers seeking greater control over their app distribution. As a developer leveraging ManageXR, you gain powerful tools to scale your business. Beyond sharing apps with clients, you can set limits on how long and widely clients can use your apps. Gone are the days of sending an APK to a client and hoping for the best. In this blog post, we’ll delve into how ManageXR gives you unprecedented control,  with a special focus on new capabilities: setting expiration dates and device limits on the apps you share.

Developer Superpowers Unlocked: Application Expiration Dates and Device Limits

The latest update from ManageXR introduces a duo of robust tools that allows developers to enforce limits on app usage. Developers can now set expiration dates for shared apps and restrict the number of devices on which the app can be installed. This level of control proves invaluable in various scenarios, from offering time-limited trials to managing annual subscriptions.

Set App Expiration Dates

With ManageXR, developers can set expiration dates for shared apps, automating oversight and protection of intellectual property at scale. Whether it’s a trial period or a subscription-based model, expiration dates provide developers with peace of mind by ensuring seamless access control.

Need to extend a trial or renew a subscription? ManageXR makes it effortless to update both the expiration date and behavior of shared apps at any moment, adapting to changing circumstances with ease.

Control What Happens When the App Expires

What happens when apps you’ve shared with clients expire? You decide. Choose between disabling the app (keeping it on devices in a disabled state for potential extension) or deleting the app (removing it from all devices and the client’s ManageXR console). Either way, when an app expires, your client will no longer be able to access it on their devices.

Set Device Limits for App Sharing

Use device limits to cap the number of devices on which a client can deploy your app. This ensures that you retain control over distribution, preventing clients from exceeding the agreed-upon device limit. Adjust this limit at any time to maintain flexibility.

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In conclusion, ManageXR stands out as the best platform for VR and AR developers looking to streamline app distribution. With powerful features like expiration dates and device limits, developers can confidently manage, protect, and adapt their applications to meet evolving business needs. Save time, control your intellectual property, and unleash your developer superpowers with ManageXR.

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